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Established in 1971 as a non-sectarian, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, Menorah Housing Foundation develops and manages affordable apartments serving income-eligible persons age 62 or older, who earn no greater than 50% of Area Median Income. The corporation has developed and manages 1,221 apartments in eighteen buildings geographically dispersed throughout Los Angeles County.

MHF enables very low-income older adults on fixed incomes to occupy safe, well-maintained, accessible housing which they would otherwise be unable to afford in the local housing market. Offering approximately 1,500 existing residents an attractive, affordable apartment, MHF provides outreach and tenant services to the region’s senior population and creates a socially vibrant community for building residents.


Menorah Housing Foundation develops and manages high-quality affordable apartments with supportive services for very low-income persons aged 62 years or older. Menorah Housing Foundation serves more than 1,500 residents in eighteen buildings geographically dispersed throughout Los Angeles County and enables them to live safely and with dignity in their communities.


The Los Angeles region is home to 25% of California’s older adult population, which is growing faster than any other age group. By 2035, the number of those over the age of 60 is predicted to grow by 68% and the number of people over 80 is expected to grow by 118%. Many older adults live on a fixed income and renters in the Los Angeles metropolitan area are among the most cost-burdened residents in the nation. This creates an environment where more and more older adults are severely rent-burdened, paying far more than 30% of their income on housing. This leaves little left over to cover other necessities such as food, health care, medications, and transportation. Older residents often live in overcrowded and substandard living situations or in inaccessible or unsafe buildings that don’t meet their physical needs. There are not enough affordable housing units in Los Angeles County for older adults, putting this population at a high risk for losing their housing. Due to these factors and more, Los Angeles County had a 22% increase in homeless older adults age 62 and over from 2017-2018, and an additional 6% increase from 2018-2019.

Menorah Housing Foundation believes that providing an affordable, safe and supportive community helps keep older adults healthy and housed. We strive to offer solutions for the population of older adults in Los Angeles County living on low, fixed incomes, some of whom could be just one rent increase away from homelessness. All older adults deserve the chance to thrive in their community as they age. Because MHF designs its properties specifically for older adults and provides in-house services, all residents have the opportunity to live their best lives.

Menorah Housing Foundation:

  • Creates long term solutions: Residents of MHF properties maintain an average of 12 years of tenancy. One tenant has lived with us for 36 years! Our oldest tenant is 109 years old.
  • Increases access to services: All residents have access to professional service coordination to assist them and connect them with community resources.
  • Grows Communities & Stabilizes Families: Having a stable home allows our residents to remain active in their local area, as assets to the community. When one family member has a consistent home, the entire family benefits.
  • Sets an example: Nurturing healthy aging in our communities recognizes the value, knowledge, and contribution of older adults.