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If I am currently under 62 but will most likely be over 62 by the time I move into an apartment can I still apply?
No, all applicants that are the head of household must be 62 or over when they apply.

Can I apply if I am 55 and disabled?
All applicants who are the head of household must be age 62 or over when they apply.

What if my spouse is younger than 62?
As long as the head of household on the application is over 62, a spouse can be on the application.

What are the income limits?
The maximum income limit is 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI).

Can I apply for more than one waitlist?
Yes, anyone that meets the eligibility requirements (age and income) can apply to any MHF property that has an open waitlist.

Can my spouse and I both submit an application to the same waitlist?
No, only one application is accepted per household. Duplicates are not accepted and may result in disqualification from the lottery.

Should I go to an MHF property to pick up an application?
No, please do not go to the building. All applications are mailed. No applications will be available at the property.

How do I know which building has an open waitlist?
Please call the Information Line (310-477-1476) and listen to the recording. It will inform you if any building has an open waitlist. If no building has an open waitlist, then you cannot apply at that time.

Can I be notified personally when a waitlist opens?
No, all applicants are responsible for calling the information line to see when a waitlist is open. The information line is updated 30 days in advance of any waitlist opening.

How much is the rent?
For many of our properties that have project-based Section 8, residents pay 30% of their adjusted gross income (as calculated under HUD guidelines) towards rent. For our tax credit properties, rents are set by the State of California Tax Credit Allocation Committee.

Does MHF accept Section 8?
For MHF properties with project-based Section 8, if you meet HUD program eligibility requirements, you do not need a Section 8 voucher. If you have a Section 8 voucher and are notified of the opportunity to move into an MHF apartment with project-based Section 8, you will not be able to keep your voucher. For Tax Credit properties, Section 8 vouchers are accepted.

I am on a waitlist. How can I find my place on the waitlist?
To request your status on the waitlist you must call (310) 475-6083. Please be prepared to provide your name and the name of the building waitlist you are inquiring about.

How long is the waiting list?
The wait times may vary from building to building as there are few vacancies or move-outs. A typical wait may range from three to ten years but could be shorter or longer. We cannot accurately predict how long an applicant may need to wait for an available apartment.

If you have additional questions or need clarification,
please call our main office at 310-475-6083